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ZENA cosmetic Nine Peptide Moisturizing Packing 10 pcs

Nine Peptide Moisturizing Zena

Peptides are chains of amino acids that make up the proteins in our skin. These long chain of amino acids become proteins, which is an important element in our skin. Nine Peptide applied topically to the skin can essentially encourage skin to form new collagen, which basically reverses the aging process and gives us the full, smooth skin we once had.

Active ingredients

Nine Peptide Moisturizing contains 9 active peptides designed to achieve maximum effectiveness - with results you can see! These peptides to give you visible results help moisturize and repair skin tissue regardless of your personal skin chemistry. While most products have many ingredients on the label, they only have 3 - 4 "active" ingredients that have any effectiveness at all.

Effective formulation

Nine Peptide Moisturizing is designed with each ingredient having a small enough molecular size to be able to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin where is most effective. With the our complex, you will have the lines diminished, skin looks radiant and feels very dewy and moisturized. Most products are formulated with numerous ingredients without any regard to skin penetration. Their ingredients, while having some moisturizing benefits, have little to no effect on reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), hyaluronic acid, nano gold foil, nine peptide complex, coenzyme Q10, phenoxyethanol 10 ml We know you'll love our Peptide Complex Moisturizer. But we are happy to take it a step further. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, just let us know. We will provide you a full refund. It's that simple.

Packing- 10ml / box 10 pcs

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