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Zena Botox_Alternative Microneedning ampoules set Packing Zena - 10 pcs


The notions of beauty have changed for people and in comes the botox industry, which is helping consumers to get their desired look.

BotoxAlternative is specifically formulated to efficiently and effectively fight against cutaneous aging. It helps to reduce wrinkle depth and brings a targeted tensing effect to the epidermis. The skin feels more supple, the epidermis is protected, wrinkles are reduced. Please don’t take this as a product that will lose its effect if you stop using for a while. It won’t. Also, this is not the Botox injection so please do not worry. It’s named Botox is because of an ingredient that is also present in this serum and given the fact that this product works just as effective! I bet you wouldn’t want to risk trying out other anti-ageing products which might be ineffective! Various innovations have led the beauty industry to change and welcome what the need of the hour is. Botox treatments have been creating a big buzz since consumers have been looking forward to attaining beauty which lasts more that it naturally should. The needs of consumers to look beautiful and flawless have given birth to such industries. Botox industry has given consumers the easy way to achieve the standards of beauty which might somewhat be too good to be true. The World of Botox The beauty benefits that come with Botox are worth appreciating. From treating medical needs of the face and body to vanishing wrinkles within a short time, Botox covers up every area. It is basically a drug made with neurotoxin which is produced by a bacterium called botulinum toxin.

Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Botulinum toxin, Sodium Citrate,Phenoxyethanol

Packing - 10 pcs /10 ml
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