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Zena cosmetic

Zena cosmetic

What about ZENA cosmetic brand?

Zena cosmetics, was created and developed in a сanadian laboratory. Now the brand actively cooperates with other countries and collects all advanced developments in professional cosmetic care.

For example, Zena bb glow this concentrate is maximally adapted to 1-5 phototype of skin, you should to chooce a right color of bb glow (possible to use a 2 colors during one procedure).

Its properties are many times superior to those of analogs:

- a more stable result, even in comparison with many leading Korean brands, our bb glow result holding - 2 times longer!

- ZENA bb Glow was created to maximize cover of pigment spots and wrinkles.

- Available in two shades and adapts to any skin.

No. 1 Light color

№2 Dark color

ZENA concentrates ampoules

The unique product of professional cosmetics Zena.  Just try once, you will understand the difference!

1. 3 times higher concentration of substances. Concentrates are made on the basis of a dense gel of hyaluronic acid.

2. Due to the gel base - more economical consumption, compared with other concentrates.

3. Innovative components and extracts, concentrates are suitable for hardware and microneedle  dermapen treatment.

4. Concentrates are sterile, but not injectable!

High quality and concentration, will allow you with a small expense, to get the maximum result from the course of procedures!

ZENA Algae Peeling Powder BOX 5g / 20pcs ZENA Algae Peeling Powder BOX 5g / 20pcs
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Brand: Zena
ZENA Peeling Algae Powder  How useful peeling for facial skinirritating to the skinproviding analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect.From acneFrom pigment spotsFrom scars and sеtrech markImproves blood circulation;cleanses and narrows enlarged pores;strengthens blood vessels..
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